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    Tired of mediocre frontend developers?.
    We make eye-watering designs that would literarily sweep you off your feet

    Why choose us?

    • We've got better responsiveness
    • Our designs are based on the W3-CSS library, this means you will be able to edit the template to your taste
    • All our templates come with a readme file that helps you understand the structure of your purchased template
    • We comment on every important part of the code to aid adjustments by you

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    The N3rds are a group of web developers dedicated to making templates that would be determined by your personal interest.

    We make your own personalised web templates which load faster and have better responsiveness.

    Which libraries and markups do we use?
    We use HTML as our core markup and style it with CSS to give it a very appealing look.
    We also use the W3-CSS framework and both Bootstrap and JQuery to give your site the right professional look

    How can we be contacted?
    You can contact us through the request form that can be popped up when you click "hola at us" or the request option in the dropdown menu
    You can also contact us through our social media platforms located in the footer with which you can follow us

    Quick Fact
    What you are viewing is just one web page, Imagine the power we can bring to your pages!

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